📈Affiliate Rewards

Props Prime is a special platform and we want to incentivize creators who use it to share the stoke and recommend it to other creators.

What are Affiliate Rewards?

From within your Props Prime workspace you can get your wallet-enabled link to share with other creators.

When a creator uses this link to come sign-up for a Props Prime account, we automatically associate their new workspace with your wallet.

Then we automatically pay you 10% of all platform protocol fees generated through this new workspace FOREVER.

That's right. Just by referring a creator to Props Prime, you get 10% of any protocol fee they generate forever in the future. There's no limit. Invite as many creators as you want and you'll get rewards on every single token that they sell. For example, if you invite 20 creators that combined generate $1M in platform protocol fees, you'll receive $100k in affiliate rewards in real-time as sales happen. Directly to your wallet.

How to get a Props Affiliate Link?

  1. Sign up or login at https://prime.props.app

  2. Near your name in the top right look for a link called Affiliate Rewards

  3. Click this link and box will popup. Copy that link and share it with other creators.

What about large custom projects where a dev team is need?

Props is well known for our custom development in Web3 and have shipped projects for brands such as Fox, Deadfellaz, Boss Beauties, & Mattel.

We offer 10% of net revenue we earn for these types of referrals and recommendations.

Simply send us an email at hello@props.app introducing the project's contacts. We'll log you as the referral partner and make sure you get compensated for the referral when we get paid.

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