Gating for Friend.Tech Key Holders

Offer mints exclusively to your Friend.Tech Key Holders

Hello there! In this tutorial, we're going to show you a fantastic way to reward your friends and supporters on Props Gratis. It's all about offering them exclusive access to your claims or mints. Let's get started!

[0:21] Now, when you have friends who love trading your keys on FriendTech, why not give them something extra special, like a free mint or claim that only they can access? With Props Gratis, you can do just that by offering your claims to your FriendTech key holders.

[0:42] Let me show you how it's done. I have my Portal Blaster NFT here, and I want to make it available exclusively to my FriendTech key holders. To do this, I'll switch over to the "Eligibility" tab.

[0:59] As you can see, I already have a public sale going on for 0.2 ETH. But now, I want to add an audience, so I'll click "Add Audience" and select "FriendTech Key Holders." I'm going to offer them one claim for free.

[1:20] To complete the process, I'll click "Connect" and connect my Ethereum wallet. My FriendTech audience has been automatically added.

[1:34] Now, if we go back to the "Eligibility" tab, you'll see that "Props FriendTech Key Holders" has been added. When we refresh the claim site, you can already see that "Props FriendTech Key Holders" get your claim for free, while anyone on the public sale list can get it for 0.2 ETH.

[1:57] And that's how you can automatically add your FriendTech key holder audience to any of your claims or mints on Props Gratis.

It's a great way to give back to your friends and supporters.

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