💰Share & Earn Links

What are Share & Earn Links? Incentivize visitors to share your mintsite with their own wallet-enabled share link. Creators can set the rewards they will give when a visitor sends other people to mint through their wallet-enabled link.

Rewards are only issued on those purchases made through a visitor's personal share link.

Any visitor to your mintsite can get a wallet-enabled share link, when they connect their wallet.

Visitors are issued a unique link that's connected to their wallet.

Rewards are automatically issued to them based on buyers who mint through this wallet-enabled share link.

How to setup Share & Earn Rewards? Sign up or login at https://prime.props.app.

When you are creating a mint, go to Advanced Configuration near the bottom. Scroll to the section titled Share & Earn Rewards

  1. Set the amount that you are willing for visitors to promote your mint.

  2. Toggle on if you'd like to share a portion of sales.

  3. Toggle on if you'd like to share a portion of protocol fees.

  4. Toggle on if you like to share a portion of tips.

  5. Or toggle on all three. Your choice.

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