Quick Video Walkthrough

Welcome to a quick and easy tutorial on deploying a new NFT mint in Props Prime. It's a straightforward process, and it only takes about two minutes. Let's dive right in!

[0:08] When you log into your Props Prime account, head to your "Mints Overview" page. You'll see I already have two mints in my "G Tool Shed." To add a new mint, click on "New" and then select "Mint."

[0:23] You'll be taken to the editor for your mint. Here, you can name your token. In my case, I'm going with "Spaceship Update Version 2.0." You can add a brief description if you like.

[0:40] Next, you'll want to select an image for your mint. Click "Upload an Image," and I'm going to choose my awesome spaceship picture.

[0:55] To save your token, set the maximum supply. I'll go with 1,000 units. Adjust the start and end dates to fit your plan, and click "Next."

[1:08] Now, choose your network. I'll start with the testnet, but on Props Prime, you can easily promote your entire mint to production with one click when you're ready.

[1:19] Define the pricing tiers and eligibility. I'm making it a public open sale for free, but you can also offer it to other audiences or set up a manual CSV. I'll stick with the public sale and click "Next."

[1:37] Now, you're on the overview page. If you need advanced configuration, like setting up a fund-receiving wallet or royalties, you can do it here. You can even set up a ZRX split if you want to split your earnings among multiple wallets.

[1:52] To publish your mint, simply click on "Publish" and go to the site. It will open a transaction notification in your wallet. I'm using MetaMask, so I'll confirm the transaction.

[2:02] And there you have it! Your mint is now published. You can choose to customize the site or simply view and interact with it directly.

[2:29] As you can see, on the "G Tool Shed" page, I have my "Spaceship Update Version 2.0" with a free claim. You can easily check out the free claim, and it automatically enables tipping for your collectors.

[2:55] And that's it! You've successfully deployed a new mint in Props Prime. Stay tuned for more tips and tutorials!

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