Managing Free Claims with Tips

On your Mint Edit page. By setting your eligible audiences's price to 0, you're offering a free claim that also automatically allows you to Receive Tips.

Welcome to this tutorial where we're going to explore a fantastic way to engage with your fans and collectors using Props Prime. It's all about giving your audience the option to support you while enjoying your content. Let's dive in!

[0:21] Now, on Props Gratis, when you offer free claims, we've introduced a tipping system. This allows your fans and collectors to show their appreciation and support you when they claim your free NFTs.

[0:35] Let me show you how it works. I have my awesome Portal Blaster NFT here, and when someone adds items to their cart and clicks on "Claim," a model will automatically pop up.

[0:48] In this model, they can choose to add a tip, whether it's $5, $10, or $20, to support you, the artist. The best part? When they tip you, you'll receive the entire amount in addition to the network fees. Props doesn't keep a share of the tip; it's all yours.

And that's it! The tipping system on Props Gratis gives your fans the opportunity to express their support, and you get to keep the full amount. It's a win-win for everyone!

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