Configuring Dynamic Tokens

Learn how to publish Dynamic Tokens with Props Prime

Hey there! In this tutorial, we're going to explore the exciting world of dynamic tokens with Props Gratis. While static NFTs are cool, dynamic tokens take your NFT experience to a whole new level. Props Gratis makes it easy to create dynamic tokens with some handy features. Let's dive right in!

[0:24] To create a dynamic token, just start a new mint as you normally would. On your mint page, I'm going to create a "Space Warp" mint, which is my current project. When adding the image, choose "Dynamic Token."

[0:54] Now, here's the magic part. I've uploaded a simple index HTML file to a URL, in this case, I've also added a preview image. This is the key: we automatically append the entire metadata to your app's parameter, giving your app full access to the token's metadata, including its ID, image, name, title, and attributes.

[1:20] Save the settings, and you'll get a basic preview. Set the max supply, availability date, and choose your sale options. I'll keep it as a public sale for free.

[1:38] Now, go ahead and launch the mint, and your dynamic token is published.

[1:56] Let's take a look at how it appears for a user who wants to purchase it.

[2:00] As you can see, the token appears as an individually created animation. The animation is personalized, and it's your own creation. The code to make this happen is surprisingly simple. It's as easy as that to create a dynamic token on Props Prime.

[2:48] And there you have it! Dynamic tokens open up a world of possibilities, and with Props Prime, it's a breeze to bring your unique vision to life.

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