🙏What is Gratis?

WHAT IS PROPS GRATIS? Simply put, Gratis is a set of free tools which aim to help digital creators get paid more... on a more recurring basis through claimable art, editions, collections, memberships, rewards, and proof-of-anything. Gratis sits on the Props Prime platform and simplifies tools typically reserved for pro-studios and brands into a robust set of services for creators. Free to use. Creators get 100% creator fee, 100% sales, 100% royalties, and 100% of tips & donations. All powered by the Gratis 721A Smart Contract. Gratis also gives creators their own home, custom mint pages, and private marketplace, under their own brand, on their own domain. No middlemen. No noise. No gate-keepers. Just you and your collectors. Props Gratis offers several features that enable creators to monetize their work, including:

  • Free for Creators: A Gratis workspace is 100% free for creators.

  • Dynamic & Interactive Tokens: Creators can set up their tokens and metadata to change over time.

  • Custom Mintsites and domains

  • EarnFees: Collectors pay a small protocol fee to the creator who gets 100%.

  • Tip Collection: Creators can receive 100% of optional tips directly from their collectors.

  • Mint Fee Collection: Creators can monetize all aspects of their work, from free claims to paid mints. Creators get 100% of sales and 100% of royalties.

  • Multi-Claim Pages: Creators can offer multiple mints at once across multiple blockchains including Polygon, Base, or Ethereum.

  • Creator-Owned Contracts: Creators own the smart contract enabling them to transfer or upgrade at any point.

  • Realtime Sales Segments: Allows real-time data on audiences and allocation.

  • Friend.Tech Key Gating: Allows gating of mints based on people who own your friend.tech key.

  • On Behalf Minting: Send contract ownership, revenue and royalties to any wallet.

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